About Kotani-En

A Formal Japanese Garden Estate located in the hills above Silicon Valley.  The property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the National level of significance, and has been documented by the United States Department of the Interior as one of the most authentic Japanese Gardens in America.  It is also registered as a historical landmark of the State of California, # 903.  The estate was built by master artisan Takashima and eleven craftsmen from Japan, resembling a classical Samurai residence in the formal style of a 13th-century estate with the tile roofed walls surrounding a tea house, shrine, gardens, and pond.  Kotani-En represents a harmonious of art and nature in a two-acre rustic environment.  Though less than 2 miles from the bustling Los Gatos Downtown, not many people know it because it has been a privately owned property since it was built in 1918 - 1924.